The Augmented

Harry Bo lives in the best time imaginable—no war, no starvation, and everything a person needs is readily available. All they have to do is watch a few ads. But when the all-seeing eye linked to his sensory system concludes that it’s time for Harry to marry his girlfriend, he’s not so sure. Despite his perfectly coded existence, Harry longs for a more authentic sensory experience, an escape from his augmented world.

In his work as an analyst, he picks through the streams of metadata flowing invisibly around him, nudging the population to consume. Before long, Harry’s caught up in a search for a mysterious golden-haired woman who might be responsible for the biggest attack on the AugNet in history. But the more he investigates, the deeper he’s pulled into a reality beyond the crafted simulations of the safe but sanitized society he lives in, because the flawless, tailored façade masks a vastly different existence. And when he’s forced to make an impossible choice, Harry must decide just how much he’s willing to pay for freedom.

As of 18 June 2021, the novel is available from Amazon, Amazon Australia, Amazon UK, Barnes & Noble, and Booktopia (ebook only).